Pottery foundation for Adults
Experience the art of pottery with this foundation course that will take you through basics of clay techniques, like wedging, hand building techniques and every thing else that can lead you to wheel throwing and complex shape making like handled jars, pots etc.
Course Title : Pottery foundation for adults
Duration :  16 hours
Class : 8 classes - 16 hours
Venue: Jumpstart studio@ skillsupplies, Bangalore
Age : 14 and above
Sat: between 10 am to 7 pm
Sun: between 10am to 3 pm
Weekdays (except Monday)

2 days/week (2hrs / session): between 10am to 7pm
Fee and registration
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weekdays /weekends: Rs 3990 + tax
Course outline
Clay - terracotta
- Learn about the basics of clay composition and various types of clay.
- Learn to make forms using hand-building techniques - pinching, coiling and slab work.
- Explore variations in each technique and make one piece/form in each session using the following techniques -  
- Learn to make some simple handles.
- Learn burnishing to enhance the forms created.